08 | The Big Rain | Giclee Print


12″x16″ Giclee Print on 14″x18″ Matte Paper

200 Limited Edition
Signed & Numbered by the Artist

Printed on Epson Ultra-Premium Paper. This heavyweight matte surface archival paper yields highly saturated colors, while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow detail.

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Original Painting – SOLD to Fred Whitehead, through the David Jones Gallery, Kansas City MO, USA – Circa 2016 – 18″x24″ Acrylic on Panel

The rain does not let up for nearly five years and life is increasingly becoming unbearable. Townspeople resort to wearing oil cloths covering their heads to protect them from the deluge. Ursula loses it and begins hurling china and a crystal mirror. With the pantries bare Manna begins falling from heaven. A recovery crew is hired to search for the canvas bags of gold. Digging under the house makes the damaged foundation give way, collapsing the house. Finally one day the sun comes out drawing forth the stench of exposed skeletons and carcasses.


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