10 | The Golden Child | Giclee Print


12″x16″ Giclee Print on 14″x18″ Matte Paper

200 Limited Edition
Signed & Numbered by the Artist

Printed on Epson Ultra-Premium Paper. This heavyweight matte surface archival paper yields highly saturated colors, while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow detail.

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Original Painting – SOLD to Fred Whitehead, through the David Jones Gallery, Kansas City MO, USA – Circa 2016 – 18″x24″ Acrylic on Panel

“Pilar’s death request was to be buried in her favorite wicker chair. Eight men with ropes lower her into her grave under the dance floor while the mulatto ladies sing hymns. Fearing the number thirteen an old priest is resting in a hammock. The Golden Child brothel is open for business. The Book Store with girl and white dog. The baby born with a pig’s tail dies after the removal of the umbilical cord and his body is carried off by ants. Aureliano and Amaranta make love when and wherever they choose unaware of the luminous orange disk flying through the sky. Races condemned to one hundred years of solitude do not have a second chance on earth.”


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