Packed House | Matte Print


12″16″ Print on 14″x18″ Matte Paper

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This distinctive reinforced aluminum frame Pullman-style residence is literally stuffed with features!  Not only puncture resistant, the handsome-grained Naugahyde covering resists scuffs and scratches.  Also features brass-plated lift locks for keyless entry and a durable vinyl-covered steel core handle.  And just in case you’re wondering, you’ll find financing (with good credit) is as good as in the bag!  A great place to ‘pack it in’ – here’s one house where there’s  always   room for one more! 14″x18″ (35cm x 45cm) Print on Matte Paper (with White Border) Original image was part of Michael’s “Houses on Parade” collection, one of ninety 16″x20″ acrylic paintings on panel painted between 2002-2005 in Kansas City, USA.


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