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Private Party


Interiors and Exteriors

I learned about Art Deco as a student living in New York, an accidental chance meeting in Dallas turned into a mural commission. Her request was an Art Deco Hotel with Luxury autos and a man in white tuxedo serving champagne. Because of this stroke of luck, I found my subject matter for the next decade and beyond.

Liberty Rededicated

Popular Landmarks

Kansas City, New York & South Beach

People associate certain places with fond memories. I grew up in Lansing, Leavenworth and Kansas City. I have tried to paint a local scene every year. I particularly like to capture places that no longer exist. It makes it extra special for the viewer with a connection to that painting or print.

Final Farewell


Surrealism & Prismatism

In 2000 I began experimenting with an overlapping technique I coined Prismatism, I felt I needed a break with tradition and became rebellious. I find the traditional and multi-dimensional approaches are compatible when based on sound draftsmanship.

Another Close Call

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Originals, Serigraphs, Lithographs, Giclee Prints and Posters

It wasn't till 1903 that the Wright Brothers invented the first successful airplane flight, but the wheel is the Archetype of a primitive, caveman level technology that didn't become popular until 3500 B. C. Now, we couldn't imagine life without it! My work would certainly not have the same feel and interest without all my many Means of Transportation!

Putting on a Front


Originals, Serigraphs, Lithographs, Giclee Prints and Posters

Since I began painting in 1970, I had a compulsion for unique ideas. My first works were surrealistic and macabre. My mother would often say "why can't you paint just pretty pictures and I would say "the world's saturated with them! I had a Dark period, Alien period, Skeleton period…It's hard to stick with one look but that's just me.

Eye of the Beholder

Original Paintings

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