Michael Young with Houses on Parade Art
Michael Young with Houses on Parade Art

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I was born in 1952, in Kansas City, Kansas. My interest in art began as a child observing my father Eugene draw and paint in our basement at our home in Lansing, Kansas.  At seventeen I enrolled into a two-year Commercial Art program in Salina, Kansas. After graduation I found employment at an architectural illustration studio in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. This fortune of luck led me to the understanding of perspective, rendering and scale. I became obsessed and began collecting books and taking portrait lessons.


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Rainbow Room
Liberty Rededicated
Means of Transportation
There Goes the Neighborhood
Bubble Bath


Diners & Trailers

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From the early days of my career, diners and trailers were two of my favorite painting subjects. For millions in cities and towns, diners were the standard American provider of daily sustenance. Trailers and campers were the living and traveling quarters for Americans with thrifty means. The styles were so cool from trailer to the tear drop.

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